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Realizes high-performance milling at overwhelming cost performance.
Ideal machine for wide variety products in small quantities of complicated shape parts.
By process integration, reduces the number of operators and machines, and shortens the lead time.
・ The interference prevention function is installed to prevent interference between the tool spindle and the back spindle.
・ With 60-tool magazine, it is possible to machine complicated workpieces, which is difficult to perform with the turret-type NC lathe.

・ 11kW high power built-in motor which realize efficiency milling from low speed to the maximum spindle speed of 20,000min-1  is provided as standard.


Machine tool parameter  TMA8J
Chuck size of main work spindle  8 inch
Chuck size of back work spindle 6 inch
Main work spindle speed 5,000min-1
Back work spindle speed 5,000min-1
Tool spindle speed 20,000min-1
B-axis index angle/least -15°~195°/0.001°
Tool storage capacity


Width×Depth×Height 3,700×2,126×2,250mm 
Weight 8,500kg


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